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There are good diets, bad diets and then those diets which are restricted for certain people through no fault of their own due to allergic reactions. Over recent years I have noticed a rapid increase in special dietry requirements from our diners, particularly regarding allergies. As we cook our dishes to order using almost exclusively fresh market produce we know every ingredient in every dish we produce. As a result it is very simple for us to omit or replace certain ingredients for example flour from gluten free, onions, celery etc .

It's fair to say that anyone who suffers from a particular allergy is well aware of what they can and cannot eat (self preservation I suppose) and make their requirements clear at the time of ordering we then follow their requests in the production of the meal.

Obviously in a kitchen as compact as ours its very difficult to isolate for definite all high risk items, ie, nuts, eggs, shellfish etc and we always state that to the best of our ability we have tried our very best to do so.

THE FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY (www.food.gov.uk/scotland) have issued a new document regarding this matter which any  allergy sufferers may find useful. It identifies specifically the 14 catergorised allergens common in most kitchen be they domestic or professional and I would recommend reading it, more information can not be a bad thing now, can it? It will suprise some people as to what is in some common sauces or pre-made foods (how many know Worcestershire sauce has anchovies in it?)

Be assured that at Peter's Restaurant we shall carry on working with our usual attention to detail and diligence making it a safe place to dine no matter what your needs are so that everyone can enjoy what we are trying too do.